Shiba Block Pawty

Branding / Product Design / Event Planning / Set Design / Prop Construction

  • Planned and launched a pop-up experience for Shiba Inu Owners.
  • Viral social engagement:10k monthly impressions, 767 monthly engagements.
  • Sold 100% of venue's 400 capacity.
  • Executed sponsorship with BarkBox, the leading dog toy and treat subscription box.
In late 2018, sibling created a facebook event which generated 14,000 "interested" or "going" responses in 24 hours.

We designed and launched a ticketed event to capitalize on this sudden popularity and the continued success of pop-up experiences like the Museum of Ice Cream.

We created props and backgrounds for guests to take Instagrammable photos with their dogs.

A crowd favorite was this backdrop of movie posters I edited to include Shiba Inus:
I designed enamel pins and t-shirts for sale on site and online.
I also created a slide deck to pitch sponsorships.

BarkBox, the leading subscription box for dog treats and toys, was a notable sponsor. We constructed a ballpit to resemble their packaging, which led to high impact in social posts and a long tail of user-generated content for weeks after the event.

The event was a great success: we sold out completely, had great feedback, and all surveyed vendors reported positive ROI.
Guests came to the event in Los Angeles from as far as Seattle, New Jersey, and Florida, and we had visitors to the site from all over the world.

Case Study: 170+ LSAT Prep Course

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Shiba Block Pawty

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