UCLA Shorttakes Student Film Festival

Branding / Web Design / Poster Design

  • Rebranding of UCLA's Shorttakes Student Film Festival
  • Worked with program director to create cohesive image and voice
  • Successfully generated engagement; this edition of the festival had a record number of attendees an submissions

The old logo had an awkward aspect ratio which made it inflexible in terms of where it could be places and at what size. I also endeavored to make the identity more lighthearted so as to avoid intimidating novice filmmakers.

Case Study: 170+ LSAT Prep Course

UX/UI + Visual design + web

Rebrand: IdentityMind Global

Brand Identity + Visual Design + Web

Infographics & Slide Decks

visual design + Data Visualization

Fireball Spell Landing Page

ui/ux + web

IdentityMind Global

Brand Identity + visual design

Music & Event Graphics

visual design

Shiba Block Pawty

Brand identity + visual design + physical product design

NFL Beer Brands

Brand Identity + packaging Design

Los Angeles Mobile Bartender

brand identity + packaging design

UCLA Shorttakes Student Film Festival

Brand Identity + Web

UCLA Department of Bioengineering

Brand Identity

Superbinge Episode Covers

Visual Design