I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and got my BA in Design | Media Arts at UCLA. I was at first inspired to pursue design by the popularity of Shepard Fairey’s portrait of President Obama – it showed me that commercial art can be a tool for profound social change. I’ve also always been fascinated by the psychology of design: how can it be used as a tool to make people want to be a part of something?

I also have extensive marketing experience and  know my way around Hubspot and Zoho.  During my time as Print Marketing Director of UCLA Campus Events, I gained a ton of insight into event planning and event marketing.

I’ve always sort of been a jack of all trades, and my other interests include museums, thrift stores & antiques, literature, and digital currencies & the deep web.

Other Projects

I’m a serial side-hustler.  Here’s what I’m working on when I’m not designing.

Tanks and gear for music festival fans.  I do everything here: design, production, blogging, social media.

bottomshelf copy

My liquor review column on FoodeFile.com, dedicated to the mystery plastic you’ve always been too scared to try.